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What is the Moroccan Azilal carpet?

Azilal carpets are named after the mountainous region where they are made, about 180 km from Marrakech. It is in daily life that the tribal women of this region revive their ancestral traditions by weaving this Berber carpet. The reputation of this carpet has surpassed this steep region of the Moroccan High Atlas and has become a popular alternative to the better known Beni Ourain carpets. Azilal carpets are strongly associated with the use of indigenous patterns and color palettes.

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The carpet weaving techniques have been passed down from family to family and from generation to generation for a long time, in accordance with the strong cultural traditions of the Azilal.

How was the Moroccan Azilal carpet created?

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The Moroccan Azilal carpet combines the bright colors of the Boucherouite carpet and the graphic patterns of the Beni Ourain carpet. The weaving techniques are slightly different from those used for the manufacture of the Beni Ourain carpet. The weaver must first work the virgin wool to realize alternately a line of knots and one or two lines of braids. This makes it possible to obtain a shorter carpet, similar to velvet, which invites people to lie down to read for hours on its soft and comfortable fibers.

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Azilal carpets are decorated with several colors, introduced with dyed wool or colored cotton threads. The underside of a carpet is often white or cream in reference to the natural color of wool, this natural hue gives authenticity to this jewel of Moroccan craftsmanship. The meaning of the motives which decorate the carpet can represent the femininity of the Berber women and the history of the tribe and its tradition.


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Exclusively created by the talented women of the region, these carpets are abstract paintings that add a rustic and ethnic touch to your home. The softness, design and colors of this Berber carpet bring a vintage pleasure to any space and complement other styles of interior decoration, such as vintage or contemporary design.

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Azilal rugs were always woven for the home, and there is little known about the origin of these rugs. There’s some thought that there was a red rug origin as well as a white rug origin. The red rugs, from the Ait Sokhmane and the Ait Bouzid, were older than their counterparts. The white rugs on the other hand are from the Ait Bouguemez valley and Ait bou Oulli. The white rugs are what we think of as the

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This Moroccan Azilal rug is truly a work of art and typifies the freestyle of the Moroccan Berber women who construct their rugs from images in their mind rather than a preset plan. The rug displays much of the Berber symbolism that typifies Azilal rug design and portrays a story told through the weaver’s art.

This vintage shaggy Moroccan Azilal rug from Morocco features diagonal shapes and strong, rigid lines to create a grounding presence in the vintage rug. The vibrant activity present at the center of the rug draws the viewer’s attention away from the beige background, resulting in a presentation that is not unlike paint used on a canvas. Messy rows of jagged teeth line the left and right sides of the masterpiece, pointing inward to create a simple border that frames the activity at the core of the shaggy Moroccan rug. These teeth feature a fantastic variety of colors, ranging from vivacious oranges and yellows to cooler purples and greens. Several diamond shapes and angular-moving lines are active along the landscape, drawing attention to their paths of motion and generating interest against the backdrop. Several of the moving configurations of this vintage Moroccan Azilal rug seem to end in definitive figures, such as tassels and beetles, and brightly colored shrubs randomly dot the landscape.

Berber rugs Azilal or Azilals, as their name suggests, originate from the craggy and steep Azilal region, located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas mountains, in the south of the city of Beni Mellal , about 180 km North-East Marrakech.

Only performed by women of this region, Azilal rugs are made from virgin raw wool by alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven lines, according to a cultural ritual that mothers are passing down to daughters for generations.

Azilal rugs are often associated with another name “ Ourika rugs ” to actually refer to all the berber rugs that are produced a little further south by the High Atlas mountains tribes : from Demnat North to Imlil south, covering thus the entire mountainous region of Ait Ourir , Ourika Valley and the Oukaimden park.

Azilal rugs feature great creativity in terms of design; they combine irregular and abstract patterns with numerous Berbers symbols and diamonds based graphics. They are often decorated with colored materials such as wool and cotton tainted with vegetable dye or threads of recycled cloth of different colors. Azilal rugs background is ivory /cream, made of naturel virgin wool.

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Azilal rugs are works where every peasant woman of Azilal region tells her story. Rural life, motherhood and childbirth are patterns’ main topics. Actually , weavers appropriate tribal signs of their ancestors to express their wedding, pregnancy and daily lives.

These berber rugs were not woven for commercial or profit-making purpose, but only for home use to cope with the rough high Atlas cold. Currently, in Western countries, in addition to Azilals’ regular use as rugs, they are widely introduced in interior decoration as beautiful wall ornaments or design elements.