boujad moroccan rug

moroccan boujad rug

The boujad rug comes from the Haouz region of Morocco, an area in the middle Atlas mountains. As with all rugs, the boujad rug represents the weaver, where her story is expressed in rich geometric patterns, and varying colors, often pinks, reds, and purples. These rugs are increasingly rare and difficult to find, as their popularity has soared in recent years.

Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs from a small region between the Middle Atlas. These rugs are all individually crafted and may be slightly asymmetrical in their shape and pattern with some minor imperfections

Boujad pile-woven tribal rugs hailing from the Haouz region in Morocco. Not overly formal, these Berber rugs are truly artistic. Predominantly red, orange and pink, they feature complex geometric patterns of squares and diamonds, idiosyncratic shapes according to the whim of the weaver. Boujad rugs are truly an artistic feast for the eyes.

moroccan boujad carpets

Moroccan rugs are usually 100% wool and traditionally were woven exclusively by the women from Berber or Arab tribes using local sheep’s wool and local vegetable dyes. Each woman passing down the art of weaving to the next generation of girls. For these tribes, the carpets served as floor coverings, beds, seating, and blankets for keeping cozy and warm up in the Atlas Mountains during the winter months.

Their designs range from bold geometrics with bright color, to natural and muted with shades of browns and blacks with simple designs. Symbols are a common feature woven within rugs too, many women weaving their life story into each rug. They’re often very whimsical, which is another reason we love them so much! It’s fun trying to figure out what each symbol might mean. They tell the story of fertility, weddings, the seasons, and the human soul seeking light. Some symbols infuse protective powers into the rugs, while others ward off evil energy. We could all use a bit of this in our daily living space, amiright?!

vintage runner boujad rug

A collection of vintage area rugs from the Boujad region of Morocco.

Characterised by the colourful and artistic designs made up of traditional lozenge shapes and Berber symbols, in natural dyes of soft reds, pinks, purples and ochres. Each piece is a one of a kind artwork, as unique and individual as the woman who has woven it.

These pieces range in thickness and texture – from lightweight flat weave, to heavier hand-knotted styles of weaving, through to thick medium length pile in fluffy hand spun wool.

boujad rugs morocco

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Each Boujad rug is uniquely crafted by the women in a small region of Haouz, Morocco between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. Each rug tells a different story with the use of traditional Berber designs & motifs.

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Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs made using natural wool fibers and vegetable dyes. Newly woven rugs will show strong vibrant colors, typically reds oranges, pinks and/or purples. Whereas, older vintage rugs may have lovely washed pastel tones.

There is no right or wrong spot to put a beautiful Moroccan Boujad rug, although we would suggest that you place them in lower traffic areas. Because of how these rugs are made they are more delicate than your chain store copy cat. The pile of each rug may vary depending on its history. Some you may find to be extraordinarily plushy, while some are closer to a flat weave.


When it comes to caring for your Boujad rug, ultimately you would want to shake it out opposed to vacuuming if you can, or vacuum without using the spin brush (so if your vacuum has a tile/hardwood setting). Moroccan rugs are made with looser spun wool yarn, so over time vacuuming will wear it out faster. If you do vacuum, we would not suggest gently vacuuming it more than once a month, aim for two if you can. If you wanted a deeper soapy cleaning, we would suggest taking it to a professional rug cleaner. If you need to spot clean, a water/vinegar mix works great, it will remove the mess and help neutralize odors. Because the dyes are natural, I would refrain from using a chemical based cleaner, as they may pull more of the color.

moroccan boujad rugs

Boujaad or Boujad rugs are hand woven from the small city of Boujad on the edge of the Atlas Mountains. They are typically hand woven by the Berber women.

moroccan boujad carpet rugs

The magnificence of the Boujaad, nothing is as detailed and captivating as its motif composed of many geometrical patterns and bold lozenges that reflect the whim of the weaver. Made of beautiful hues of orange, purple and pink tints, this rug catches the eye instantly. These rugs with their designs go a long way back in the Berber heritage and most likely you will see the current Boujaad rugs to be of vintage age. These vintage pieces tell the true story of Morocco and its people – they are woven with history and are a wonderful piece of ‘folk’ art to be passed down for years to come. Its preservation is perfect, its wool is soft and shiny. The Boujaad will please anyone who is looking for an ancient rug with warm colors. These beautiful thick wool rugs will suit perfectly any modern interior, on the floor or even hanging on the wall. They are made with high-quality wool and natural dyes that are derived from many kinds of plants and herbs to achieve their color. The durability and permeability of these rugs withstand color fade and color run very well.


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