Moroccan Table Lamps

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There is no denying it: Morocco is an inspiring and magical place. If the rich history and the kindness of the inhabitants are undoubtedly for a lot in the attraction, I would be remiss if I did not mention the beauty of the design and the decor. Sobriety is not the right word to describe Morocco or its design. In fact, the beautiful and intricate visuals of Moroccan metal lamps are part of what attracts the eye and makes it linger.

After spending time in the country, I often hear people say that they want to incorporate some inspiration from Moroccan design into their homes. Although not all of us can furnish our spaces with heavy hand-forged brass chandeliers, I am happy to say that Moroccan lamps, pendants and chandeliers are readily available because people are continually attracted to this style.

Here are some of my favorite Moroccan lamps and fixtures to help you give your home a timeless style.

Moroccan lamps

You’ll be happy to know that investing in beautiful Moroccan lamps doesn’t mean you have to come all the way here – although that would be fun too. If you want to give your home a Moroccan touch, lamps are the perfect place to start. They already have a softer accent than dazzling ceiling lights, and because they’re easy to move around, you’ll be able to move your collection from room to room afterwards.

If you’re looking for a topic of conversation, this is it. This beautiful lamp is available in four different sizes and four different types of metal. If you have a large space that could really use a piece that bursts, this is a lamp to consider.

Floor lamp.

This sturdy iron floor lamp adds visual interest in a subtle but dramatic way. Not only does it add a unique visual touch, but it has two bulbs inside to make sure it emits enough light and a 3 meter cord so you can arrange it according to your needs.

I like the shape of this lamp. Its swan neck shape and star shaped details give the impression of a floating suspended lantern. Turn it on and enjoy the patterns that the lamp makes shine on your walls.

Table lamp of the mosaic of Marrakech.

This small lamp is ideal for a bedside table or sofa. Turn it on when you need a little ambiance and soft light, and enjoy the blue light patterns created by the glass mosaic.

More inspiration for the Moroccan table lamp

Moroccan Ceilings

If you are looking for a way to improve your kitchen, dining room or any other space in your home, these Moroccan ceiling lights are the perfect starting point. There really is one for every style.

Moroccan Hanging lights

Luminous pendant

This luminaire is amazing. It has these strong Moroccan vibrations thanks to the pattern of the metal, but in a solid natural bronze color, it is a sophisticated grip.

Moroccan pendant lamp to plug in.

This pendant lamp is available in eight different colors from neutral to bright. It is an excellent option for those who rent, as it gives the impression of a pendant without any wiring.

Mini pierced pendant.

This black metal pendant looks perfectly normal and neutral when off, but if you turn it on, you will be surprised by the beauty of the patterns projected on the wall under a nice golden light.

Be inspired by the Moroccan ceiling light

Moroccan chandeliers

YOBO Lighting Star.

This chandelier is a popular style that you will see in all the souks of Morocco. However, as it is a difficult form to carry, most people choose not to take it home. Now you can have one delivered to you!

3 lights pendant with gilt bronze finish.

A simple light pendant is an excellent choice to add a Moroccan touch to your kitchen or bedroom. The diameter is 18″ while the ceiling extension rod can extend to 42″.

Mini globe with luminous pendant.

If you are looking for something a little more eye-catching than this lamp, this may be the right one for you. You can also customize your globe by following the instructions on the shopping list.

Blue Moroccan lamps

Moroccan blue is super popular. From the blue city of Chefchaouan to the blue gardens of Majorelle in Marrakech. Bring some of this home when you opt for a blue lamp for your home!

Find your perfect blue lamp

How to add Moroccan lighting to a budget

If you want to upgrade an existing lighting fixture, but don’t have the ability or desire to install new Moroccan lighting fixtures, you can always add a touch of Moroccan style. Here are some simple and beautiful ways to do so.

Add Moroccan Shades

If you already have a table lamp or a floor lamp, transform them quickly by replacing the lampshade. In most cases, lampshades are easy to change and generally more economical than a new lamp. There are a wide variety of options, but here are some of my favorites.

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